Your Demand Is Our Supply

The Eagle's Supervision has rapidly become one of Uganda's leading providers of recruitment services. We are registered with the Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development as an international recruitment agency. We supply labor to the entire Gulf region and the whole world.

Our high profile attracts a stream of quality employment from national and international companies. We endeavor to supply a quality and innovate services to all clients

We aim to secure, retain and align talent towards our clients' strategic goals, whilst supporting individual candidates to actualize their potential, manage their aspirations and achieve their career goals.

Our team has developed unrivaled networks which we use to benefit you in the recruitment process. Our networks and partners trust us as we deliver as required in a timely manner.

Our capability in the provision of recruitment services is reflective of the extensive experience of our recruitment team. Team work is the fiber of our operations.We start each project by gathering the information and client’s requirement, which means lots of client discussions & research.Client retention and commitment are the focus of our practice.

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